Classifying Student Performance as a Method for Setting Achievement Levels for NAEP Writing

Bradley A. Hanson, ACT, Inc.
Luz G. Bay, Advanced Systems

Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the National Council on Measurement in Education (Montreal, April, 1999)

Summary: Booklet classification was studied as a standard setting methods for 1998 NAEP Writing in the second 1998 NAEP Writing field trial for achievement levels-setting. The procedure used to implement booklet classification is described. This includes descriptions of the panelists that participated, how NAEP Writing forms and booklets were chosen, and methods for computing cutpoints. There were differences among cutpoints set using different methods of computing the cutpoints, and different methods of computing proficiency estimates for booklets. Based partly on concerns raised by the results of this study, the decision was made not to use booklet classification to determine achievement level cutpoints for the 1998 NAEP Writing assessment.

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