Release Notes for IRT Command Language (ICL)

The page contains the release notes for the computer program IRT Command Language (ICL).

After each item in brackets are the source files in which the change was implemented. In some cases the source file that was changed is part of ETIRM.

Release 0.020301

This is the initial release of ICL. ICL supercedes the Estimation Program for
Dichotomous Item Response Models (EPDIRM) by including estimation of models
for polytomous as well as dichotomous items. Some differences between
ICL and EPDIRM are described on the page epdirm_differences.html.

ICL fixes some bugs that existed in version 0.011118 of EPDIRM:

    Fixed a bug in read_examinee_missing command that prevented the command
    from working when the optional fifth and sixth arguments were used.

    Fixed a bug in the item_set_model command which caused the command 
    to not work and possibly crash the program. [swig_icl.cpp]

    Fixed a bug in the simulate_responses command
    that produced an error when simulate_responses was called.
    [swig_etirm.h, swig_etirm.cpp]
    Fixed a bug in which the examinee counts in each group were not
    updated in bootstrap_sample. [swig_etirm.h, swig_etirm.cpp]

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Last updated: March 1, 2002