IRT Command Language (ICL)

This page contains a description of the source code for IRT Command Language (ICL), describes how to obtain the ICL source code, and provides information needed in order to compile ICL.

Development of ICL is managed through the SourceForge website as part of the Social Science Measurement project. Participation in the development of ICL is encouraged. Two Social Science Measurement project mailing lists are used to communicate information about ICL. The ssm-announce mailing list is used to make announcements about new releases of Social Science Measurement projects, including ICL. The ssm-devel mailing list is for discussion of ICL development, and the development of other Social Science Measurement projects. Anyone is welcome to subscribe to either mailing list. The source code comprising ICL can be downloaded from the SourceForge website, or from the link below. The latest development versions of the ICL source files can be obtained from the Social Science Measurement CVS repository at the SourceForge website.

Download ICL source code - Zip archive containing ICL source files. The source files in this archive are stored with DOS line breaks (the files are DOS text files).

ICL is written in C++, so a C++ compiler is needed to compile ICL. Version 2.95.2 of the GCC compiler was used to compile ICL under Linux, and version 7.2 of the Metrowerks CodeWarrior compiler was used to compile ICL under Mac OS. The Windows version of ICL was compiled using MinGW, which allows Windows programs to be compiled using GCC 2.95.2. The Windows version of ICL was cross-compiled under Linux using a version of MinGW running on Linux. ICL should compile using other C++ compilers that have a similar level of compliance with the C++ standard (e.g., the free Borland 5.5 compiler for Windows). Some modifications may be needed to compile ICL using Microsoft Visual C++ version 6. The symbol ETIRM_USE_BOOST_CONFIG should be defined when trying to compile ICL using Microsoft Visual C++ so the Boost configure system can define the appropriate symbols (see below for information about the Boost C++ libraries).

Several tools described below were used in compiling ICL. These need to be separately downloaded. It is not necessary to have all these tools to compile the ICL source code since the source files produced by some of the tools (SWIG and mktclapp) are distributed as part of the ICL source code distribution. It may be necessary to use all these tools if changes are made to the ICL source code.

The top level of the source code distribution contains files needed to compile the Linux and Windows versions of ICL. Descriptions of these files are given below.

The mac directory contains files that are needed, in addition to some of those described above, to compile the Macintosh version of ICL. Descriptions of these files are given below.

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